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Top 3 Tips to Organize Boxes

If you were to ask us, we recommend you call Daniel & Sons Moving Services for your next move. We are leaders in our industry, and our expertise expands nationwide, although our home base is New Jersey. Now, if you’re the brave type AND have a little patience, you can certainly move yourself with these box-organization tips from Tri-State premier movers Daniel & Sons Moving Services. An organized DIY (do it yourself) move comes down to having organized moving boxes. Labeling what's in each box is a good start (ex. "cups and glassware", "books", "toys"). But we're going to give you a little help with a 1-2-3 plan to keep everything in order!⠀

Organized Packing Plan:⠀

1) Give each box a number. This is insurance that if a box gets misplaced, you will know immediately.⠀

2) Color code. Try giving each room a color ( ex. Kitchen = Blue, Bathroom = Red). You can easily achieve this by buying different permanent markers.⠀

3) Prioritize your boxes! Mark your boxes by using "H" for high priority, then "M" for medium, and "L" of course for low priority. Doing this will make it clear to everyone which box should be tackled first!⠀ Share this article if we just made your packing a lot more organized! Oh, and don't forget to call us at 201-840-8035 to help make the rest of your move stress-free.

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Cardo Garcia
Cardo Garcia
Jul 10, 2023

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